Creative storytelling 4.0

Learn about Gutenberg's journey since inception.


1440 AD. Johannes Gutenberg invented the Gutenberg press, and laid the foundation for modern media. In a similar revolutionary fashion, digital is transforming how brands craft and spread their stories today.

As a digital agency,  Gutenberg understands that change is the only constant and we are reinventing ourselves to resonate with the changing times. We are doing this by renewing our commitment to be the best storytellers and content creators. We are also embracing new technologies to tell these stories—reinventing ourselves to bring digital, video and, mobile narratives into our storytelling.

The result—unified messaging from a one-stop digital agency that offers clients more powerful campaigns. We can now help shape and impact your corporate marketing strategy, using the range of our PR, Digital, Video, and Mobile service lines.

No more siloing of teams; no more disjointed messaging. Instead, your brand speaks with one voice, combining your most impactful strategy with the most gripping storytelling technique.

Meet Gutenberg. We are still the same pan-cultural, multi-national, hard-working team that we’ve always been—but now, from New York City to London to Mumbai, the art of storytelling is changing, and we are evolving too.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of seasoned storytellers from the fields of journalism, marketing, sociology, research and finance. Our combined experience extends across the spectrum of marketing from global branding initiatives to 'launch projects' for local start-ups.