Gutenberg: Celebrating 20 Years

Meet Gutenberg

We work with brands to develop comprehensive integrated marketing strategies based on insights and analytics tailored to achieve defined business goals and create brand experiences.
About Us Gutenberg

We offer a comprehensive approach to marketing that can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts provides personalized attention, ensuring your brand receives the focus it deserves to achieve marketing success.

With our agility and quick decision-making, we can keep up with the fast pace of business, providing the flexibility you need to grow and succeed. Whether you require a one-stop shop or specialized technical expertise, we have it all. Trust us to help your brand stand out.

Customer Focused Gutenberg
Customer Focused
We understand that for brands to succeed in a digital era – they need to form strong bonds with their customer. This is possible only if we understand your customer cohorts better.
ROI Obsessed - Gutenberg
ROI Obsessed
Focus on devising the best tactics to maximise profitability by hinging performance on Key Performance Metrics to measure success and business impact.
Research Oriented - Gutenberg
Research Oriented
Our strategy stems from the research that we carry out, helping us understand the content in which our clients exist.
Analytics and Insights Driven Gutenberg
Analytics & Insights
We’re an analytics and insights first agency focused on building campaigns that’ll resonate with the audience. We provide the strategic perspective that’s most often overlooked or ignored.
Experienced Team - Gutenberg
Experienced Team
Our team consists of people from all disciplines who have experience in working with both B2B and B2C brands.
Storytellers - Gutenberg
We understand the power of a strong narrative and that drives the opportunities we can explore for our client. Content is the backbone for everything we do.


Our Core

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Customer Centric

We understand our clients’ business. We nurture brand loyalty powered by customer experiences. Customers are at the heart of everything we do.


We make things happen. We are innovative and take risks in the pursuit of new ideas. We are passionate, nimble, result-oriented decision makers.

Research Driven

We are strategic partners to our clients. We combine technical knowledge and consultative skills. We are opinion leaders.


We understand the power of teamwork. We know communication outcomes are richer when created together. We are individually excellent and collectively brilliant.


We are sensitive and aware. We have a shared affinity with customer and employee experiences. We care and never lose sight of our customers’ and teams’ perspective.


We are inclusive and diverse. We are a multi-national, multigenerational, multi-skilled team of storytellers. We are united by our passion to build great brands.


We rise by lifting others higher. We enable our people and customers to excel. Our success lies in their success.


We do not rest on yesterday’s laurels. We have a start-up mindset. We are restless. future facing, and hungry for growth.

Socially Responsible

We know our place in the bigger scheme of things. We are socially conscious and mindful of the impact of our decisions. We are committed to enriching our local communities.


What you see is what you get. We are ethical professional, and unambiguous. We are transparent and honest in everything we do.

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