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What it takes to tango with us?

Finding a great place to work is like finding a mate. Both may be brilliant but for the sparks to fly there needs to be chemistry. In our quest for that ephemeral chemistry, we thought it best to outline the traits we look for and the workplace we offer in return.

If you are curious, inquisitive, highly motivated, passionate about learning, like team work, entrepreneurial, hardworking, responsible, and accountable, then Gutenberg is the place to be. We will provide an exciting, fast growth, entrepreneurial canvas for you to paint your career.

At Gutenberg, you will learn to communicate and implement your ideas that drive our portfolio of businesses, brainstorm, work in teams, be analytical, expand your horizons, and be appreciated for your initiative.


are all it takes to
tango with

Step 1

Get to know us online. Research, research, research!

Step 2

Craft an email of 150 words describing why you believe we should meet. The only exception to going over the 150 word rule is if you write like Rabindranath Tagore, Marcel Proust, or have the poetic flair of Mirza Ghalib. In which case we will take 250 words since we love good writing.

Step 3

Attach a one page resume that will blow our socks off. A single page will suffice unless you have a Nobel Prize to your credit.


Hit "Send" and let the magic begin.


Know more

In the words of Jim Morrison, once you “break on through to the other side…” of our Darth Vader of an inbox, we shall welcome you with a big smile. By now we know there is some chemistry to embark on a prospective future together.

Since you got our attention, we will invite you over for a coffee/chai or just plain H2o, and have you meet our team. All you need to bring for this meeting is a winning personality, oodles of confidence and a smile.

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You can apply by clicking directly on a job posting. Check out our Jobs FAQ to learn more about the application process.

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if you have application questions not covered in our FAQ. As a reminder, this email address is not for applying or submitting materials. Those emails will only be redirected to our Jobs page.