Engaging Investors,
Across Borders

Financial Communication

With financial markets becoming increasingly international, the best financial PR is that which keeps pace with investor trends across the world.
Our global team brings experience in advising public and private companies on the dissemination of strategic financial communication. We ensure your earnings data is accurately represented to all your stakeholders—including shareholders, investors, customers, journalists, analysts, employees, and government authorities. Our team enables you to gain investor interest across national boundaries and keep shareholders engaged.

As an investor relations firm, Gutenberg has supported clients with IPOs and fund raisers, and offers expert advice on investor and analyst relations. In keeping with a growing trend towards digitalization, we advise our clients on the responses of key investors to this transformation. Our digital experts help you present relevant pitches to your key investor audience to create greater business impact. 

The result? An end-to-end, comprehensive offering that helps you maintain your position in the industry while continuously communicating your plans for growth.

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