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From Heart to Hope: The India Philanthropy Alliance’s India Giving Day Transformative Drive 

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From Heart to Hope: The India Philanthropy Alliance’s India Giving Day Transformative Drive 


The India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) initiated the India Giving Day (IGD) campaign to empower individuals to support crucial causes in India. It aimed to raise awareness about India’s pressing issues, showcase innovative solutions, and encourage participation in the solutions. 


To ensure the success of India Giving Day, Gutenberg crafted a comprehensive media campaign with customized messaging for diverse target audiences. It designed seamless and impactful landing pages for the initiative to provide a consistent visual and narrative experience. Leveraging a nuanced media plan, ads and messaging were distributed across various channels, precisely targeting audiences based on their online behavior and interests. 


Challenge #1: Build Visibility and Awareness for IPA and India Giving Day

Gutenberg solution: By personalizing messaging and employing strategic media placements, the campaign effectively raised visibility and awareness for both IPA and India Giving Day. The consistent visual and narrative experience on landing pages further enhanced campaign messaging and impact. 


Challenge #2: Engage Indian American Diaspora and Invite Non-profit Registrations

Gutenberg solution: The campaign’s media plan was meticulously designed to engage the Indian American diaspora, aiming to invite registrations from nonprofits focused on Indian causes. This targeted approach ensured optimal exposure and encouraged registration from relevant organizations. 


Challenge #3: Maximize Campaign Exposure and Non-profit Registrations

Gutenberg solution: A data-driven approach, considering audience behavior and interests, facilitated effective ad targeting and maximized campaign exposure. The comprehensive media plan resulted in increased exposure and registrations from nonprofits supporting Indian causes. 


India Giving Day surpassed expectations, raising over $1.3 million from 1000 donors, with significant social media impact. Impressions soared to 5 million, and social media followers increased by 2.7K. Brand mentions increased by 40X, showcasing the campaign’s far-reaching influence. The campaign also achieved industry recognition, winning the Vega Digital Awards –  Silver Winner for Best Overall Social Presence and Muse Creative Awards – Silver Winner for social media). 

The India Giving Day initiative, backed by meticulous planning and strategic PR efforts, exemplified the unifying power of collective philanthropy, uniting global hearts for a noble cause. 

“The materials were top-notch, and everything was so well organized.”
Sejal Desai
IGD Co-chair & Executive
Director, Akanksha Education Fund
“The website was fantastic.”
Adam MacGregor
Grants Manager
CRY America (IPA member)
“The campaign has been well received so far with the greatest enthusiasm.”
Alex Counts
Director IPA