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Invest in Women: The Real Blockbuster for Progress

Invest in Women The Real Blockbuster for Progress

Remember the cultural phenomenon that was the “Barbie” movie last year? It shattered box office records and redefined the iconic doll for a new generation, highlighted the importance of dismantling stereotypes and encouraging girls to pursue their dreams, no matter how unconventional. We see a powerful parallel: just like the movie shattered expectations, investing in women can unlock a future that’s not just fabulous, it’s fantastic for everyone.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme declared by the United Nations -“Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” isn’t just a slogan. It’s a call to action to build a world where women can unleash their full potential and create a future that’s bright, innovative, and thriving.

Why? Because it behoves the world to actualize untapped potential of women around the world.

Women make up half the world’s population, but hold only 31% of leadership roles globally, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s a massive untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t just about fairness or social responsibility. It’s about unlocking a powerhouse engine for progress. A Study by McKinsey reveals that companies with diverse leadership teams outperform their less diverse counterparts by up to 35%. Women bring fresh perspectives, ignite innovation, and fuel creativity. Imagine the collective impact if we truly leveled the playing field!

Investing in women goes beyond just hiring them. It’s about fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. This translates into a stronger company culture, higher employee engagement, and ultimately, greater innovation and success.

At Gutenberg, over 60% of our team, since inception, consists of talented women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This rich tapestry of perspectives fuels innovation and ensures we’re in tune with the needs of a global marketplace.

But numbers alone aren’t enough. We actively foster an inclusive culture through mentorship programs pairing senior women leaders with rising female stars, providing guidance and support as they navigate their careers. Unconscious bias training equips employees to recognize and eliminate hidden prejudices that can hold women back.

We also recognize the importance of work-life balance – flexible work arrangements can contribute their talents without sacrificing family needs. This not only benefits individual employees, but also creates a loyal and dedicated workforce, leading to better retention and productivity.

The benefits extend far beyond the boardroom. Women control an estimated $34 trillion in global consumer spending. Ignoring this market force is akin to leaving a goldmine untapped. Yet, according to a Boston Consulting Group study only 2.3% of venture capital funding went to female founders in the US. Imagine the mind-blowing innovations we’d see if that number weren’t stuck so low. When we invest in women entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders, we empower them to shape markets, drive innovation, and create jobs. It’s a win-win situation with endless possibilities.

When women have equal access to education, employment, and financial resources, they fuel economic growth.  The International Labour Organization (ILO), estimates that closing the gender gap in labour force participation by 25 percent would add US$5.3 trillion to global GDP by 2025. That’s not just a statistic; it’s indeed a call to action.

Women are Peacemakers and Progress Drivers. When women are empowered to participate in peace negotiations and hold leadership positions, it leads to more sustainable and inclusive peace agreements. The United Nations adopted the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in 2000, recognizing the vital role of women in preventing conflict, promoting peace negotiations, and building progress.

Imagine a world where the full talents and ingenuity of women are unleashed. Scientific breakthroughs, ground-breaking inventions, and innovative solutions to global challenges would flourish. This is the future blockbuster we can create when we truly invest in women.

Remember, every action, big or small, can make a difference. Investing in women is not a one-time event, it’s an ongoing journey of creating a more equitable world. So, let’s use this International Women’s Day as a springboard to accelerate progress, not just for one day, but for generations to come. Make it a habit to celebrate the phenomenal women in your life – your mom, sister, wife, partner, boss who juggles a million things. Show them you appreciate their strength, their resilience, and their amazing contributions.

Let’s turn “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” into a blockbuster. Let’s create a world where women not only have a seat at the table but are empowered to shape the agenda and lead the way.


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