Gutenberg: Celebrating 20 Years
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Performance marketing campaign establishes Black & Veatch as a leader in construction engineering resulting in 200+ business opportunities.
Black & Veatch Logo
Performance marketing campaign establishes Black & Veatch as a leader in construction engineering resulting in 200+ business opportunities.
A highly integrated media and PR partnership yields top-tier industry awards in honor of creative and business excellence, establishing Mphasis as a digital transformation and experience leader.

Black & Veatch is a global engineering, consulting, and construction company that provides critical infrastructure services in various industries, including energy, water, and telecommunications. The Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate change revised the air emission and water consumption standards for the coal-based thermal power sector in compliance with the 2015 Paris Agreement, but there was little industry awareness of what the norms had been and what changes would be required.

Black & Veatch recognized an emerging opportunity to increase awareness and position itself as a market leader and partner company, whose tailor-made solutions assist organizations in complying with approved quality curriculum standards. Black & Veatch engaged Gutenberg to leverage this opportunity to position the company as an energy industry thought leader and generate leads about its services.

Gutenberg developed a comprehensive digital media strategy for Black & Veatch, which involved targeting key audiences to increase brand awareness and recognition. The team faced the challenge of positioning Black & Veatch as a global pioneer while also highlighting their expertise and capabilities in specific industries.
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Challenge #1: Building awareness for the brand’s solutions

Gutenberg solution: A media plan and a month-long campaign was designed to generate leads starting with research and identifying Black & Veatch’s target audience in the energy sector. Gutenberg created a communication plan that focused on educating target individuals on the new approved quality curriculum, emphasizing the company’s expertise in compliance.
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Challenge #2: Targeting the Right Audience

Gutenberg solution: Google Analytics and Marketo was used to track and communicate with target audiences. Our design and technology team developed banners for Google and LinkedIn advertisements, an infographic, and a white paper. Our online advertising campaign included search and display Google ads, as well as LinkedIn sponsored posts.
Gutenberg’s digital media efforts generated over 104,953 impressions and 3,800 clicks on Google search ads and 20,767,229 impressions and 11,085 clicks on LinkedIn advertisements, resulting in 237 leads for Black & Veatch’s consulting services. The company’s brand visibility and recognition as a global pioneer in engineering, consulting, and construction also increased significantly. Through Gutenberg’s strategic media outreach, Black & Veatch was positioned as a thought leader in the industry, with their expertise and capabilities highlighted in top industry publications.