Gutenberg: Celebrating 20 Years
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Show-stopping PR event crafted for launch of New York stock exchange-listed DigitalOcean in the UK market.

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Show-stopping PR event crafted for launch of New York stock exchange-listed DigitalOcean in the UK market.
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A highly integrated media and PR partnership yields top-tier industry awards in honor of creative and business excellence, establishing Mphasis as a digital transformation and experience leader.
Premier cloud service provider DigitalOcean came to Gutenberg in 2017 with the goal of standing out in the world of UK digital tech. To achieve this, Gutenberg orchestrated a live media event to showcase the power of combining AI with big data. Leveraging DigitalOcean’s Future Tech capabilities, modern AI accomplished in minutes what it took WWII codebreakers years to do, establishing the brand as an industry disruptor.
Since DigitalOcean wanted to position itself as a serious competitor against the likes of Google and Microsoft, Gutenberg arranged a high-profile PR event at the Imperial War Museum in London. Code-cracking AI used DigitalOcean’s cloud servers to break Enigma in record time, while the event paid homage to a cherished piece of British military history—both sure to make the target UK media, and Future Tech markets, sit up and take notice.
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Challenge #1: Stand out among cloud computing competitors 

Gutenberg solution: Top-tier cloud credentials? Check. The latest in machine learning and workplace automation? Check. The server power to crack 53 billion password combinations in 13 minutes? Check. DigitalOcean had the goods, they just needed a way to show them off while maximizing their media reach. To get the right kind of attention, DigitalOcean had to think beyond the traditional ad campaign. That’s where Gutenberg’s strategic event planning and marketing came in.
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Challenge #2: Plan a headline-grabbing event in London

Gutenberg solution: Gutenberg saw the opportunity to boost brand awareness and appeal to UK audiences via a live AI demo that showed in real time just how far computing services had advanced. Taking a “show and tell” approach, the event included a live codebreaking demonstration that pitted 2,000 DigitalOcean servers against the infamous Enigma Machine. The AI cracked Enigma in just under 13 minutes, and DigitalOcean drew attention from national and international outlets, earning a name in the UK overnight—move over, Microsoft and Google—as the cloud computing company to watch.
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Challenge #3: Turn heads in the UK tech markets

Gutenberg solution: Gutenberg knew hosting a killer event wasn’t enough—to really make an impression in the UK, DigitalOcean had to demonstrate an appreciation of its culture and history. That’s why Gutenberg timed the event to coincide with the anniversary of the original 1940s Enigma codebreaking. To further commemorate this proud moment in British military history, Gutenberg selected the Imperial War Museum in London as the venue to host the exclusive demonstration—with a guest list that included some of the top names in UK media and digital tech.
By all accounts, Gutenberg’s execution exceeded expectations, and the event catapulted DigitalOcean into the limelight. DigitalOcean enjoyed a spike in web traffic immediately following the event, seeing a marked increase in web visitors and kindling interest from financial in just 24 hours—attention DigitalOcean never would have received without Gutenberg’s PR expertise. Most importantly, Gutenberg’s PR expertise successfully communicated how DigitalOcean helps organizations quickly and efficiently derive the most value from their existing data.