Gutenberg: Celebrating 20 Years
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Multi award-winning integrated marketing campaign transforms brand Mphasis, a Blackstone portfolio company boosts market cap from 1bn to 4bn.
Mphasis Logo
Multi award-winning integrated marketing campaign transforms brand Mphasis, a Blackstone portfolio company boosts market cap from 1bn to 4bn.
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A highly integrated media and PR partnership yields top-tier industry awards in honor of creative and business excellence, establishing Mphasis as a digital transformation and experience leader.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Mphasis offers IT consulting, and is especially known for its applications outsourcing, development and integration services. Following its 2016 acquisition by private equity giant Blackstone—the investment management company purchased its stake from Hewlett Packard for an estimated $1bn—Mphasis underwent a transformation emphasizing digital tech for government and private sector industries, including the likes of JP Morgan Chase. Mphasis teamed up with Gutenberg in 2017 to oversee its brand journey and digital transformation.
Recognizing the pivot to digital in the IT services market, Mphasis knew it had to anticipate trends to retain its dominance in tech sector. That’s why Gutenberg sought to deepen partnerships with cloud providers (such as AWS, Azure, and Google), complete a wholesale website redesign (supported by Adobe Experience Manager) that reimagined brand elements (logo, brand colors, web coding), and concepted the award-winning #StayAhead campaign. #StayAhead highlighted Mphasis’s in-depth industry expertise through informative, value-generating content that anticipates what’s next on the digital horizon. With an emphasis on the role of cloud services, this campaign successfully covered multiple channels while establishing Mphasis as a thought leader in the digital-first era.
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Challenge #1: Reposition Mphasis from BPO provider to digital experience leader

Gutenberg solution: As more and more companies began adopting cloud-based technologies and shifting their data online, Mphasis knew their clients’ business was poised to change. The #StayAhead campaign positioned Mphasis as a leading voice in the digital transition. Robust social media and savvy-yet-approachable blog content offered insight into everything from where the next big tech disruption might occur to sector-specific solutions so clients could make the most of Mphasis’s digital services, regardless of their industry.

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Challenge #2: Overhauling the brand

Gutenberg solution: Every successful rebrand requires two things: 1) achieving brand clarity and 2) the ability to communicate that distinct vision to potential clients and investors. Gutenberg and Mphasis worked together to identify “agility” as a core tenet for their rebranding efforts—both internally, as the company shifted its own business priorities to digital services, and externally, as a touchstone for clients, so they could better navigate the swiftly changing tech landscape

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Challenge #3: Boost digital signal in niche IT markets

Gutenberg solution: Typically, a major rebranding endeavor is accompanied by a broad-scale marketing campaign, with the aim of getting as many eyeballs on the new messaging as possible. But Gutenberg knew that to avoid getting drowned out in the heavily saturated Indian digital tech markets, Mphasis should remain selective about who they targeted—not to mention discerning about how to allocate resources. By identifying key sectors for growth, Gutenberg and Mphasis were able to create highly individualized campaigns across specific digital channels. This amplified the brand with a laser focus on regions crucial to the revised business strategy.

The #StayAhead campaign positioned Mphasis as a digital transformation experience leader, garnering more than 16 million impressions and a 74% increase in web traffic. Mphasis’s creative and business work was recognized with numerous awards for professional excellence, from the Hermes Creative Awards and Muse Creative Awards to the Stevie® and Golden Bridge Awards (in recognition of Mphasis CEO Nitin Rakesh). Six years into its ongoing partnership with Gutenberg, Mphasis saw an increase in size and scale to the tune of $4bn.
“Mphasis is proud and excited to receive a platinum prize at the dotCOMM awards. It recognizes the profound impact of our StayAhead campaign on our enterprise clients. We appreciate our communication partner Gutenberg for all their efforts in making this campaign a success.”

Veda Iyer

Global CMO and Head Sales APAC