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ROI-focused digital marketing campaign elevates Streax to a premium hair styling brand among stakeholders reaching 257 million people.
Streax Professional Logo
ROI-focused digital marketing campaign elevates Streax to a premium hair styling brand among stakeholders reaching 257 million people.
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Gutenberg’s ROI-focussed campaign for Streax professional boosts their awareness among salon professionals, influencers, end customers and e-commerce platforms reaching 257million.

Streax Professional is a leading expert hair care brand in India with products sold in 25,000+ salons, reaching 1.2 million consumers. As India’s hair color segment grows due to increasing spending on personal grooming and tech advancements in cosmetics, Streax fulfils the need for aspirational yet accessible products. It empowers stylists by upgrading their skills with world-class training and educational facilities, thus enabling them to offer the best professional services.

Streax Professional sought to increase its market penetration, elevate brand awareness and educate users on its products.

Streax Professional wanted to increase awareness among the salon fraternity, e-commerce websites, end-consumers and bring a shift in its perception from a home-grown brand to a premium styling brand. Gutenberg proposed an integrated communication strategy to complement the Streax Professional’s marketing initiatives.
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Challenge #1: Low digital presence for Streax

Gutenberg solution: Kickstarted Streax Professional’s social media assets and used them as a lever to create awareness about the brand. Although the Facebook page had a reasonable following and shares, Instagram was not active initially. Gutenberg addressed this by creating interesting content and campaigns, resulting in increased following and engagement on the platform.

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Challenge #2: Challenge #2: Strengthening awareness of product line among salon professionals

Gutenberg solution: By strategically leveraging Streax Professional’s events for salon professionals, Gutenberg was able to reach media and influencers while amplifying our reach on digital platforms and tapping into new audiences. Our well-planned content strategy capitalized on the presence of event celebrity showstoppers to highlight brand association in media and increase engagement on social media platforms. This approach generated product queries from salon professionals and led to an increase in salon visits by end-consumers.
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Challenge #3: Establishing brand as youthful, fashionable, and eccentric.

Gutenberg solution: Gutenberg utilized brand ambassador Vaani Kapoor to create a buzz within the industry and improve engagement among the target audiences. Social media campaigns were implemented with a focus on generating ROI through link-click ads, influencer outreach programs, contests, product photo shoots, and video campaigns.

Gutenberg’s integrated campaign led to an increase in media coverage, reach, engagement, video views, and Instagram followers. The campaign reached 257 million people with 7.8 million engagement rate over 2018-2020, which won the Platinum and Gold dotCOMM Awards in the Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns and Video categories, respectively and CMO Asia’s Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2019. The campaign successfully positioned Streax Professional as a premium styling brand and created a sustainable footprint for the brand.