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Multi-channel social media campaign for the Ministry’s World Food India event attracts international participation and MOUs worth $18bn.
World Food India Logo
Multi-channel social media campaign for the Ministry’s World Food India event attracts international participation and MOUs worth $18bn.
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Gutenberg drove widespread awareness and international participation at World Food India with multiple digital campaigns resulting in 100+ million online impressions.

India is one of the largest food producers of the world, 40% of food produced in India is wasted. India loses $9 Million worth of food every year, making it one of the most under-developed food processing countries in the world. To tackle this issue and to create awareness regarding this crisis, the Indian Government launched World Food India, the country’s largest international event for the food processing industry, targeting global decision makers.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries partnered with Gutenberg to position World Food India as a landmark event, that will revolutionize the global food procession industry, showcasing India’s unique position as one of the largest food producers globally, and educate the world about the positive impact of government policies.

Gutenberg’s aim was to build awareness and interest around the international event, engaging a diverse audience to drive participation as well as investments. The challenge was World Food India being an entirely new entity, required a fresh digital identity, followed by promotions, leading to registrations and all this needed to be done in a couple of weeks.
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Challenge #1: Engaging with target audience

Gutenberg solution: Gutenberg developed an event website to effectively communicate the opportunities presented by the ministry to the target audience.
The event website was designed with a clear and concise narrative to streamline its multiple objectives and sections. The website’s interface was optimized for mobile responsiveness and featured monetizing elements, query generation, and event-related information to enhance user engagement.
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Challenge #2: Raising awareness for World Food India

Gutenberg solution: To engage a wide range of target audiences, including international government bodies, global businesses and suppliers, financial institutions, food retailers, and all entities in the global food economy, Gutenberg crafted content that reflected the voice of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. The content was designed to be informative, welcoming, and supportive while highlighting the benefits of India’s economy and food ecosystem, making it an attractive investment destination. It also provided relevant event details, efficient planning and monetizing of the event, and utilized SEO optimization techniques by incorporating relevant keywords.

3000+ posts were created on World Food India’s social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram for campaigns like #NOWASTEONMYPLATE, #WARONFOODWASTE, #REDUCEFOODWASTE and #WFICULINARYTOUR. The content spanned from infographics, video bytes with CEOs and industry stakeholders, and all key aspects of World Food India 2017 including – Conferences, Exhibition, Food Street, Start-up awards & Hackathon.

Twitter saw a phenomenal growth of followers from 1400 to 150k during the event promotions. A twitter LIVE chat with Minister Badal which was convened through Make in India’s official twitter account, which has a global reach of an estimated 3.5 million people.

During the days of the event, #WorldFoodlndia & #FoodStreet trended on twitter for all 3 days of the event and helped the Facebook page gain over 248k likes and twitter page gain over 150k followers. All this was achieved through curating real time content that had the pulse of the nation including the Guinness World Record, Hon’ble PM Modi’s Inaugural address, President Kovind’s Valedictory Session and most notably video interview bytes from industry stalwarts and exhibitors.

A focussed #ReduceFoodWastage campaign was launched that reached to over 40 million users and captured Twitter’s attention, becoming the most talked about topic on India’s Independence Day celebrations.