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Global Fortune 500 Texas Instruments triumphs with Integrated PR and Digital Strategy

Global Fortune 500 Texas Instruments triumphs with Integrated PR and Digital Strategy

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Texas Instruments, a global semiconductor manufacturer, aimed to heighten its brand visibility, deepen customer relationships, and expand partnerships. Their goal was to establish themselves as an influential voice in the semiconductor industry, focusing on Analog and Digital technologies. To achieve this, the Fortune 500 company turned to Gutenberg to reshape their brand presence and audience resonance. 


Challenge #1: Strategic brand amplification

Gutenberg solution: Texas Instruments faced challenges such as limited user traffic to specific product pages, minimal outreach to online communities, and subdued visibility in the engineering community. Gutenberg devised a multifaceted strategy, leveraging both traditional and digital media to amplify the brand’s voice in the semiconductor industry. Crafting monthly themed digital campaigns and targeting key stakeholder platforms locally and globally, Gutenberg aimed to boost lead generation.


Challenge #2: Fortifying Visibility and Community Engagement

Gutenberg solution: The team implemented platform-specific social media campaigns, coupled with viral marketing strategies during product launches, to heighten engagement and stimulate toolkit sales. This approach aimed to address the limited online visibility and bolster engagement with the engineering community such as Engineers Garage and Crazy Engineers, where previously they had no presence.


Challenge #3: Elevating Reach and Participation

Gutenberg solution: To expand the company’s share of voice and online traffic, Gutenberg orchestrated a focused online advertising strategy. This strategic approach centered on promoting product portfolios to a wider and specific audience, driving increased traffic to product pages, tool sales, and Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) participation.


Gutenberg’s meticulous execution yielded exceptional outcomes within two years. Witnessing a staggering 2100% increase in Facebook likes, soaring from 5,150 to 115,500, and an impressive 400% boost in Twitter followers, Texas Instruments solidified an engaged and vibrant online community. Notably, increased newsletter subscriptions by over 50% and amplified engagement with third-party online communities showcased a remarkable success. Texas Instruments observed heightened traffic, focusing on lower funnel metrics like E2E participation, tool sales, sample requests, and product folder pages, marking a significant achievement in bolstering brand resonance and customer relations.