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Maximizing Impact with Integrated Marketing for Prime Minister Modi’s Historic US Visit hosted by USISPF 

Maximizing Impact with Integrated Marketing for Prime Minister Modi’s Historic US Visit hosted by USISPF 


The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) endeavors to foster a robust strategic alliance between the U.S. and India. Gutenberg took on the pivotal role of overseeing media invitations, social media engagement, public relations, and content generation for Prime Minister Modi’s momentous visit to the United States. 


Gutenberg meticulously managed media attendance, coordinating RSVPs in alignment with the PMO’s prioritized list to ensure smooth entry for media representatives. The team executed a carefully planned social media schedule with consistent messaging before and during the visit. Successful engagements were established with prominent media outlets, facilitating on-site interactions with significant press entities like the New York Times and Politico. Additionally, Gutenberg secured valuable by-line opportunities and crafted compelling articles in partnership with influential publications. 


Challenge #1: Effective media invitation management

Gutenberg solution: By skillfully navigating the PMO-provided RSVP list and streamlining the entry process for 35 media outlets, Gutenberg ensured a seamless and prioritized media presence despite logistical challenges, facilitating comprehensive coverage of the historic visit.


Challenge #2: Coordinating impactful social media engagement

Gutenberg solution: Through the implementation of a meticulously structured social media blueprint, the strategic dissemination of consistent messaging across LinkedIn and Twitter generated a substantial footprint of 650k impressions and 5k engagements, amplifying the visit’s reach and resonance on digital platforms


Challenge #3: Securing significant media coverage and valuable PR opportunities

Gutenberg solution: Focusing on key interactions and securing coveted by-line opportunities with prominent media outlets like the Washington Post, Politico, and the New York Times, Gutenberg curated compelling articles and facilitated on-site engagements. These efforts enhanced the visit’s visibility and significance, fostering stronger global connections and promoting the thriving India-US partnership.


Gutenberg’s concerted efforts significantly heightened media engagement during Prime Minister Modi’s visit, hosting 35 media outlets and garnering 750k impressions and 6k engagements across social media platforms. Through meticulous media attendance management, strategic social media initiatives, and compelling content creation, Gutenberg played a pivotal role in amplifying the visit’s significance, fostering positive global connections, and bolstering the India-US partnership.